Year 15/16 Character Animation Showreel

Mix of my recent work on character animation.

Year 15/16 Creature Animation Showreel

Mix of my recent work on creature animation.


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Carola Gille

I started photography and still image processing in the age of 15.

During my work practice at, I got in touch with animations and I am passionate about it since.

I am currently studying Computer Animation and Visual Effects at Bournemouth University.

Work Experience

Software Experience


Uni Project for Blue Zoo. Create a 20 sec bump for the TV Channel NCCAbased on provided model.

Tiger Jump

Creature animation with existing model/rigg.

Epic Snail

Group project. My contributions: rigging, animation and grass simulation.

Minion Animation

This is a jump animation for a university assignment. We were supposed to make a jump animation with a model modelled, textured and rigged by ourselves.

Walkin Flower Sack

Tests with a Flower Sack and different emotions for a walk cycle.

Eagle Cycle WIP

Eagle flight cycle for a nature type scene. It is not completly finsihed because I decided to do the fine tuning in the scene it self but I wanned to show the cycle it self so there it is :D Rig by

Tiger Walk Cycle WIP

Tiger walk cycle for the same project as the eagle and is also gonna be more defined in the final scene. Rig by


Full modeling of Bugs Bunny (11/2014).

Manual Animation

Animation of bouncing balls from scratch (11/2014).

Spider Robot

Simple robot model, rigging and animation (2/2014).

Spaceship Landing

Spaceship landing with modeled background (2/2014).

Space Odyssee

Spaceship flying through an asteroid field (2/2014).

Background Modeling

Sci-fi planet scene (3/2014).

Title Animation

For the SunGard Infinity Process Platform (12/2013).

Animation Movie "Armageddon"

Super-short movie of oils spill flooding a fictitious metropolis (2/2013).

Eclipse Stardust

Splash screen for the Eclipse Stardust project (5/2013).

Splash Screen for Online Gallery

Splash screen for online gallery (12/2013).

Animated Band Logo

Logo for the band Unstoned Lizards (11/2012).

Deer in (the) Wood(s)

Wood Shader based on this Art Style. Wait for it to be raised to life.

Metal Buffalo

Or: How dangerous Displacement Shaders are for nature.

Tornado Simulation

Highly-configurable computation of tornado movements.

Flow Simulation

The flow generator is a simple program which animates any given object as a falling crowd and allows the user to control several attributes to change the end result. Read more …

Design Project

Modern "Hänsel und Gretel" witch house. Read more …

Objects and Surface

Feathers and Fur

Cape-bred baby ostrich right on my turntable (model and rig Lewis Pickston).

Contact Data

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Carola Gille